20 Things About Adrianne

20 Things About Me

  1. I like lists.
  2. I have been a nurse since 2016.
  3. I used to be a fairly known local music photographer and blogger. It was a great time.
  4. I hosted and produced a live-music showcase radio show on college radio for awhile in 2011-2012.
  5. I have a dog and a cat and both of them live like kings.
  6. I would eat tacos for 3 meals a day if I could.
  7. I am a xennial in every way. Go ahead. Roll your eyes. It’s still true.
  8. I am almost entirely nocturnal. I’ve worked the night shift for 13 years.
  9. I listen to podcasts constantly. It’s like reading only my eyes don’t hurt.
  10. One of my professional interests is end-of-life care.
  11. I have a serious problem with drinking Pepsi.
  12. I quit smoking in 2014 after ten years of stupidity and self-harm.
  13. I love listening to this.
  14. I love to cook. The man and I get fancy over here. We watch a lot of cooking videos. I love David Chang, Matty Matheson, Anthony Bourdain, and a bunch of others.
  15. I love radio and podcasting and I want to get really good at it.
  16. If I could make a living as an artist, I would’ve gone to school for that. Instead, I do crafts at 3am.
  17. I am really good at calming agitated or scared patients.
  18. I wish I could race cars, but I’m scared. Some day I’ll drive the Autobahn like this.
  19. I have 24 plants inside my house.
  20. I talk too much.

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