So I’m a podcaster now…

It’s official, folks. Yours truly is realizing a years-old dream of starting an educational podcast for nurses with fellow nurses. I happened to ask the right people at the right time and now it’s official: 

is going to be strategically scattered out into the digital universe

Every. Monday. 

I’ve been recording, preparing and learning as I go, alongside my co-creators and co-hosts, Andrew and Brad, who never seem to have the same day off. 

Listen in on our telephone calls, as we discuss our passions, frustrations, worries and dreams in the spirit of the private, therapeutic atmosphere of the Med Room.

 In the med room filters come off and nurses vent in passing,  as they draw up insulin or prime IVPB  to letting a little steam off the pressure cooker
and the only topics which are off-limits are the ones protected by HIPAA. 



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