Make it up as I go….

Being a novice photographer, I am still kind of surprised when I get exactly the shot I intend. Don’t think I am tooting my own horn- there are plenty of ‘happy accidents’ where I am shooting into a dark warehouse and capture a great milisecond of a show. There are even more shots I disposed of upon first review because I didn’t set my camera right, or bumped the dial on the back while clapping. I know I still have a long way to go. Still I can’t help but get excited when I feel like I got some good shots and it wasn’t coincidence and it wasn’t the camera doing the thinking. And I am very glad at least a few people have noticed.

I strut like a peacock when I say that I am a ‘contributing blogger’, if that’s the right term, for the Little Village Magazine online….the go-to, free publication for Iowa City entertainment talk. I’ve read it for years. I even have a pile of old ones sitting under a chair somewhere. So needles to say, I am geeking out a little bit. It happens anytime I get to play with my camera, only now I get to show my photos to a bunch of strangers instead of forcing all my friends to look at them.  Check  out the Little Village,  if you’re not already a faithful reader.

The August issue is all over Iowa City right now. Pick them up in the doorway of your favorite downtown business or the rack of free publications at Hy-Vee.

Now that I’ve bragged, back to the photos. On 7/29, I saw Cheyenne Marie Mize at the Mill. and was happy I didn’t stay home on a Monday night. She played a long set, switched up instruments a bunch of times and ended strong with some pretty powerful folk-queen vocals and guitar playing. It was a true shame that there was hardly anyone back there listening. Shame on all of you responsible folks that have jobs to wake up early for….this was a good show. Cheyenne was joined onstage by Joan Shelley, making up two-thirds of their other musical endeavor, the Louisville trio, Maiden Radio.  Cheyenne was followed by Portland band, Archeology. They were energetic, melodic and gave us a good set. I think a band does well to start a set with an a cappella song — it grabs the audience and soothes them into submission. My only complaint is that the high-energy of Archeology makes them harder to photograph in the red lights of the Mill stage. haha. You decide how I did.

p.s. I LOVE getting comments and feedback on my photos. head over to flickr and blabber to me.

I should go to bed soon instead of sitting in front of the computer wondering if I am going to wake up with the Iowa River flooding in my front door.  Anybody got a boat to lend me?



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